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Criminal Nations Online Game

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Criminal Nations is a Browser Based Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. One of our staff has been the primary developer for this game for a few years now.  This web-site is constantly handling large amounts of information efficiently, and delivering it in an aesthetically pleasing way.

This is a prime example of what's possible with PHP and SQL databases.  The basic implementation of this site would be very similar to many web applications for business use as well.


Two Springs LLC.

Two Springs site image

We were excited to get to get to work on the Two Springs LLC. website.  It was a great experience and we all took away something from it.

This is a very simple site that we feel works perfectly for the work that Two Springs does.  It is simplistically layed out and easy to navigate. We encourage everyone to check out this site and get a feel for how straight forward a website can be.


Sublime Perspectives

Sublime Perspectives homepage


This site belongs to one of the founders of SiteMagi and was one of the first sites created by the group.

Sublime Perspectives offers a good idea of what can be visually done to drum up a page's layout.  There is a wide variety of different modules and layouts and different variations on all of them.


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